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powder coating

From simple two or three color fade, to full custom using your wildest design ideas, you can have the baddest looking CycleCraft bike imaginable. Simply put, Jared from Psycho Bikes is the best... and he's putting his God-given gifts and talents to work exclusively with and for CycleCraft frame owners. Here's just a sample of what a few CycleCraft owners have had done to their bikes. Don't wait... unlock your creativity and your imagination and get your custom CycleCraft frame ordered today.

2 Color - $150, 3 Color - $170, Full Custom - $200 and up

​​​Include your phone number in your email and we'll contact you to go over specifics and answer any questions.

In the 80's CycleCraft became known for custom color combinations on the frames. Well now we've taken "custom" to a whole new level... and you won't believe what you can have done to your new CycleCraft frame.

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