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On September 4, 2008, after an almost 10 year hiatus from the world of BMX racing, CycleCraft Bicycle Company was brought back to life. Three investors and BMXers from Central Florida, Patrick Deats, Ed MacKenzie, and Darin Moore purchased the company from Terry "Shag" Shaughnessy. Shaughnessy had been the owner, heart and soul, and visionary for the company for the past twenty years. Since the company was purchased in 2008, the owners group has worked tirelessly to bring this awesome brand back to a place of prominence in the BMX community.  While Ed and Darin have left CycleCraft, their efforts and heart will remain forever.  Without them who knows what would have become of the CycleCraft brand?  Patrick, along with Brian Preston and Pat Marchese continue to move forward with the vision of what CycleCraft should be... the best riding BMX race frame your money can buy.  We will also be looking to develop other great CycleCraft branded products.  

Since 2008 the purchase, the ownership group has continued to endeavor to bring high quality Made in the USA products to market, all bearing the CycleCraft logo.  FredZ handlebars and pro and cruiser sized chromoly race frames were reintroduced to the BMXers of the world and now a full line of aluminum race frames, from Junior to Pro XXL, and three cruiser sizes have also been introduced.

In the meantime, the Factory CycleCraft Team has been busy tearing up BMX racetracks throughout the country. The BMX racers that make up the CycleCraft Factory Team have achieved success at different levels and all are outstanding ambassadors for CycleCraft, its partners, and the sport of BMX.




In addition to the Factory team, CycleCraft will also support individuals or teams on a Co-sponsorship basis. If you are interested in learning more about CycleCraft Co-sponsorship, please send us an email at


For more information on CycleCraft products email us at or check out the on-line product infomation within the website.  Products can be purchased directly by emailing us.


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