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pad sets

These beautiful pad sets are custom made for CycleCraft by the great folks over at FLITE.  That's right, the same FLITE that made awesome pads back in the 80's is still at it making great pad sets.  Even better these are sublimated for great color detail and durability!  They're only $65 per set.  Email us at to order yours! 
2022 Black Splatter Pads.JPG
2022 Red Splatter Pads.JPG
2022 Light Blue Splatter Pads.JPG
2022 Purple Splater Pads.JPG
2022 Black Pads Neon Tubes CycleCraft.JPG
2022 Yellow-Black Splatter Pads.JPG
2022 Pink Splatter Pads.JPG

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